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★★★★★ May 17, 2019

Excellent cert.

★★★★★ May 11, 2019

DevOps Academy has made the DEVOPS certification preparation simple but effectIVE and to the point. Thumps UP

Muhammad Shoaib Zahid, PS Consultant, Teradata
★★★★★ May 11, 2019

Right from the training material to exam completion I never faced any issues. In a single word, i have awesome experience!

V U M Sastry Sagi, Application Architect, Realpage
★★★★★ May 10, 2019

Very informative, easy to comprehend training class!

Lori Lamprecht, Program Lead - Release Management
★★★★★ April 26, 2019

All team members are International DevOps Academy are excellent in providing through material in an easy format. It is concise but very thorough. And someone from their team is always available to help with questions. I am kept up to date with newsletters and I enjoy being able to share with my co-workers. The Academy covers material needed in today's work place and what will be needed for tomorrow. Excellent programs!

Jerry Revell, Senior Consultant
★★★★★ April 18, 2019

The information provided is full of great content to anyone wishing to pursue a career in DevOps. It is written in a clear and concise manner without missing out any detail. The certification programs you have are second to none. and cover every area of study.
Yeliz you and your team are an inspiration to the DevOps community and the information you provide is unparalleled worldwide. Keep up the great work!

Irving Green, CEO, Cloud\technovation
★★★★★ April 17, 2019

I am very happy to learn DevOps , I will do the Devops certification as soon as I can, Thanks DevOps Team

Abbes Abdelmajid, Computer engineer
★★★★★ April 16, 2019

Good resources(book and videos) to learn and understand Devops directly with no complications!

Mohamed, Technical leader
★★★★★ April 16, 2019

Overall, the program is impressive and the book is very useful..

Thank you

Bassam Saleh, Solution Architect
★★★★★ April 16, 2019

I'm a subscriber of the DevOps Academy. I share the comms with my team who also enjoy the interesting and educational content that come from these newsletters!

Marcus Butler, Scrum Master, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
★★★★★ April 15, 2019

Amazing programs which helped quickly learn DevOps and train the rest of team!

David Joney, Director, Accenture
★★★★★ April 15, 2019

After I got DevOps certified, so now and then I take a peek a view in the daily / weekly newsletters from Just to be reminded about the reasoning why DevOps trained personnel are so successful in their daily job. This blog article is truly spot-on.

Cornelis Van Zuilen, The listed 6 differences between Scrum and DevOps are spot-on! Very well explained indeed.
★★★★★ April 15, 2019

Great place to learn DevOps and how to become a true DevOps Professional by correctly understanding its underlyging principles!

Hassan Mahmood Khan, System Administrator
★★★★★ April 13, 2019

I wanted to know more on new techniques of delivering high quality software products. is the best partner who helps me in this journey!

★★★★★ April 13, 2019

Good training materials for DevOps. Thanks for having this and recommend it for people who is interested in DevOps.

Cata, Consultant
★★★★★ April 12, 2019

I have just watched free videos before taking the actual course certification. So far, Vary clear and can be understandable even for beginners. I would like to buy the course and I am already very confident to get the certification!

★★★★★ April 12, 2019

Devops helped me understand automation! Thank you very much DevOps Acadepy for your proactive and timely support!

Chidi, Operations coordinator
★★★★★ April 12, 2019

Outstanding training material and amazing DevOps certification programs from DevOps Academy!

Gerard Vincenzetti, IT Manager
★★★★★ April 12, 2019

The DevOps-GEN™ training & certification exam provided good foundation for my understanding of DevOps, at a price I could afford.

Greg B, CICM Help Desk, Release & PCA Manager, CGI Federal
★★★★★ April 12, 2019

I think this Academy is excellent!!!

David Azuaje, Testgroup S.A
★★★★★ April 12, 2019

The test from DevOps Academy had been really really good and it made me think outside of the box. We do things so by the steps that sometimes we forget the true way. Thanks for DevOps Academy for serving our profession in IT, so we deliver better work for our clients and employers!

James Dunlop, Network Manager
★★★★★ April 12, 2019

Great! I had only a little knowlege about DevOps. Thanks to outstanding material and certification programs from DevOps Academy, my team and myself are now fully proficient with DevOps framework!

Jilarth Poonsawad, Vice president, Krungthai Bank
★★★★★ April 12, 2019

I am working as Product Owner for years using Agile framework but with DevOps method of delivery, the process really gets a push. We still are in process of scaling the DevOps Methodology using the process suggested by International DevOps Academy. I think, everyone should read concepts explained in their amazing book, DevOps Revealed. It explains the process and role in very easy and practical manner with great example case studies! Thank for this amazing training and DevOps Certification Programs!

Sanjeev Sahu, Product Owner
★★★★★ April 12, 2019

DevOps is a hot cake In IT Industry now. Everyone should be aware of DevOps concept to make life easier. Nothing is better than to get certified from this institute. Best of Luck to everyone who are looking forward to this certification. Highly recommended!

Sanjit Patnaik
★★★★★ April 12, 2019

Great! I would like to do the Devops certification as soon as I can!

Sanil Xavier John, Senior Manager-Delivery
★★★★★ April 05, 2019

I am very happy to learn the essential knowledge of DevOps from here. It's great!

Cheuk Kei Wong, Airport Authority Hong Kong
★★★★★ March 25, 2019

its very nice to get this certificate

Murtada Hassan
★★★★★ March 15, 2019

Devops Certification Materials was very useful to understand the Devops methodology clearly. Articles shared by Yeliz and team gave good insights about latest trends & current market updates on Devops. Materials are self explanatory and easy to follow. Their support is awesome.I strongly recommend your DevOps certification programs to every professional who is passionate about Devops. Thanks to Yeliz and her Team at DevOps Academy for their dedication and hard work.

Sivaraj Natarajan, Test Program Manager
★★★★★ March 15, 2019

I like the innovation. Though many coming in a short time but I have loved the materials. GREAT WORK!

Wence Benda, WINGERsoft Technologies Ltd
★★★★★ March 14, 2019

Live class with Erkan Sutculer was very useful. Thank you very much for your effort and time!

Indrajith G R, Medas
★★★★★ March 14, 2019

It's good to know more about DevOps. I would love to do certification in near future. Keep up the gr8 work.Thank you!

Ranjani Chellasamy, consultant
★★★★★ March 07, 2019

Today I joined DevOps Academy’s Live Class. It was really really informative. I had no knowledge about DevOps and this session gave me really good insights.

Lalitha Bhargav Gollapudi
★★★★★ March 07, 2019

Great live class and presentation today!

★★★★★ March 03, 2019

I was able to read the free materials provided to me and passed the certification with flying colors.. This organization has completely simplified ways of getting certified and the most interesting thing is that its very affordable . I will recommend everyone to get certified from this organization.
Thanks for a smooth learning and certification process!

Opeyemi Adegboye, Technology lead
★★★★★ February 28, 2019

Great learning experience that is technology agnostic.

Timothy Mott, Governance Architect
★★★★★ February 27, 2019

Excellent documentation for reference and a huge resources for developing your skills to hold a challenging profile and certify yourself.

Luis Olmos, bi consultant
★★★★★ February 24, 2019

Excellent documentation for reference and a huge resources for developing your skills to hold a challenging profile and certify yourself.

Mujahid Basheer, DevOps Engineering
★★★★★ February 20, 2019

Changed the thinking perspective and provide lots of insight on transformational steps to DevOps!

Arun Chandran, Senior Application Developer
★★★★★ February 11, 2019

It's awesome work!

Charaf Moustakim, Casablanca
★★★★★ February 07, 2019

Licensing as an Certified DevOps Operations Engineer™ is one of the most reasonable choices I have ever done. It lets me convince and win my clients. In return I help them to truly understand, digest and apply DevOps Methodology, Culture and Principles in their Organizations.

Gilles Dandel, IBM France
★★★★★ February 01, 2019

First of all I want to thank for your excellent web portal that I learnt quite a lot. Your training content is excellent and gave us outstanding support to comprehend DevOps Development and Operations Methodologies. Nowadays I am in change of establishing DevOps process for my own team, and thanks to your DevOps education programs I quickly realized where I am doing good, where I can further improve. Your DevOps Certifications contributed huge benefit to my knowhow and experience.

Shahid Ahmed, Aviation Manpower United States
★★★★★ January 24, 2019

DevOps techniques are our in-house way of delivering our services, and our techniques are the ones chosen by most of our customers all over the world. As a consultancy and training enterprise, we have chosen International DevOps Certification Academy™ to reinforce our own DevOps training programs. The strategy, of having such an excellent international partner like International DevOps Certification Academy™, has been proved as being the correct one to win more accounts and increase our client satisfaction.

Raj Kalady, Capgemini Local Business Services India
★★★★★ January 08, 2019

DevOps is a highly efficient set of methodologies to keep the teams always focused on the overall engineering objectives and quality of project deliverables, and to drive the everyday tasks with excellence and in line with the organizational objectives. International DevOps Certification Academy™ assured us to have right and certified talents in our teams.

Gbemisola K. Jiboye, Shell United States
★★★★★ December 27, 2018

Your DevOps certifications have been an unusual advantage for me in my career. I have been able to handle complex and complicated issues with regards to DevOps project and release management across the board. My overall confidence has significantly improved thereby giving me a winning-edge over other leaders in my field. The impression I carry about your DevOps certifications is absolutely gratifying. The fast-track, economical and non-conventional nature of the certifications make them most desirable for any 21st century knowledge worker. The International DevOps Certification Academy has broadened my horizon and global perspectives in such an amazing way. I strongly recommend your DevOps certification programs to every professional that desire to add value in the market place without running crazy over a huge cost of acquiring timely and market-ready DevOps certification degrees. Thanks!

Felix Idowu, Serial Entrepreneur, DeKing Navigation Concept, Nigeria
★★★★★ December 19, 2018

I want to thank International DevOps Certification Academy™ for these great online DevOps certification programs. Studying a DevOps Certification forces you to get out of your comfort zone, deal with the latest issues, apply the newest software delivery techniques and just constantly challenge yourself, your practices and your approaches. Through studying an online DevOps degree I become part of a great network of professionals and companies, and I constantly challenge myself with the newest ways of problem-solving. These things together give me a great overview of the IT world, a deep understanding and a sharp receptiveness to the slight changes of environment. Thanks a lot International DevOps Certification Academy, and the great team you put together™! You guys supported me very well and professionally whenever I needed you.

Joseph L. Ricohermoso, Information Management Specialist, Meralco Energy Inc., Philippines
★★★★★ December 04, 2018

I discovered International DevOps Certification Academy a few months ago. I was interested in getting a DevOps certification, but I didn't want to invest much time and money on it. After my intensive research I figured out that DevOps Academy offers exactly what I was looking for. Concise, to do the point and free of charge education material, no bureaucracy during admission and examination processes. Furthermore, I have been offered proactive and competent assistance during my entire engagement with International DevOps Certification Academy. The DevOps Certification I accomplished from International DevOps Certification Academy was really worth of every penny I paid for it. I am looking forward to investing my second DevOps certification with DevOps Academy this year. I have only one thing to say: Thank you Yeliz Obergfell and her team and thank you DevOps Academy!

Tom De Grave, Senior Manager, Accenture Germany
★★★★★ November 29, 2018

International DevOps Certification Academy has really helped me improve my career with excellent DevOps material, objective process and affordable fees in order to make my DevOps certification. I have received excellent feedback from my most of my LinkedIn colleagues about my DevOps degree as a Certified DevOps Architect that has been recognized by IT industry, which is the industry I have built my career.

Adolfo Sanches, Solution Architect, Oracle United States
★★★★★ November 21, 2018

International DevOps Certification Academy serves learners globally the best possible way. It has come up with relevant and up-to-date resources where we focus and spend time on what matters most in running and serving in IT. Moreover, it allows its learners to take the course anywhere and anytime, at their own pace. Such a luxury given today's busy schedules. Most of all, it does all that while keeping everything cost-effective. Certainly, a disruptive way for spreading practical DevOps knowledge. I really recommend it!

Reggie Vallente, Founder and CEO, Novostorm Technologies Inc., United States Office
★★★★★ November 17, 2018

I completed my DevOps Certification and applied for a new job. Not only did I get selected with ease through the Interview process, it also helped me talk about DevOps in terms of aligning my goals with the prospective employer. This impressed the interviewer and gladly he is now my Senior Manager.

Lucas Kunz, Operations Manager, UPC Switzerland
★★★★★ November 06, 2018

You have a great web portal and exciting DevOps education offers which clearly moved my career further. Completing my DevOps Certifications is really quick and without hassle. The training material is great, registration is easy and the test is very thought provoking.

Shane P. Bowman, Citibank Australia
★★★★★ October 27, 2018

Thanks for such great online DevOps Certification Programs for reasonable prices! It wasn't easy to find a tailored DevOps Certification which let me prove my professional experience and personal education in DevOps area.

Justin Landis, Samsung United States
★★★★★ October 19, 2018

It has been a pleasure working with International DevOps Certification Academy™. They supported us to rapidly and cost-efficiently develop and accredit our Software Engineering and Delivery teams.

Marry Berger, Alitalia Italy
★★★★★ October 13, 2018

The learning content on your web portal is really good, easy to understand and learn. It helped a lot to quickly comprehend the concepts. I will definitely recommend your web portal and DevOps certifications to my colleagues and friends. Everything about the exam was also great.

Gerardo Sierra Corral, Audi Mexico
★★★★★ October 01, 2018

Acquiring Certified DevOps Project Manager™ Certification has met and exceeded my expectations. I would have no hesitation to recommend International DevOps Certification Academy™ DevOps Degrees to any other company or individual.

Sudhir Deshpande, Accenture Pvt. Ltd. India
★★★★★ September 28, 2018

The lifetime valid DevOps Certifications from your DevOps Academy is really simple and great value for investment. Reading your free of charge DevOps training material and doing the test are big fun. The text and diagrams in your training material explain all aspects of DevOps Process very clearly leaving no room for doubts. I got a thorough overview of the concepts which I'm rather sure of retaining (for lifetime!) and could relate to the real-projects well. As industry professionals we have been doing projects along similar lines. The concepts you clearly introduced tie these activities and roles into a result-driven Software Engineering Methodology that is really appreciated by the industry. I wish International DevOps Certification Academy™ many more such achievements in the future. Everything exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend International DevOps Certification Academy™ Certification Programs to others who want to either complement their experience with certification or begin their DevOps journey after a DevOps certification. Overall, this is my best certification experience so far!

Marcelo Cancelliere, American Express Argentina
★★★★★ September 25, 2018

Wanted to thank your academy for providing this service! I needed to get up and running quickly on DevOps and the online training and testing came very useful. I received all twelve DevOps certifications in only two weeks, and I learned a lot.

Benjamin Z. Wilson, Dell United States
★★★★★ September 17, 2018

Although we called it "DevOps", our old DevOps processes have been heavily customized for the working habits of our former leaders and subject matter experts. After having hired our new DevOps Experts accredited from International DevOps Certification Academy™, we had an outstanding leap to first start using modern DevOps methodologies, and then iteratively customize and adapt them to our own business objectives and demands.

Frank Van Delft, UPC Netherlands
★★★★★ September 10, 2018

The set of techniques and methodologies consolidated in DevOps Academy’s DevOps certification programs were for sure the main needed skills to cope with the challenges I have faced during my career. I used to work for Flex, a huge manufacturing company. And today I work for a global supply chain company and I can say that every day I use what I learned in my DevOps certification training. Furthermore, during the recruitment process of my current position, my DevOps certification has created an excellent impression with hiring managers. Now I clearly see that my Certified DevOps Coach certification has been creating huge difference and momentum in my career. Thank you again!

Eric Sola Da Silva, Panalpina Management LTD Brazil
★★★★★ September 05, 2018

My DevOps Certifications from DevOps Academy expanded my perspective and my strength in IT industry, both professionally and intellectually. The DevOps contents used in your programs are easily applied in the real IT world. Thank you very much for being such a great education provider!

Sai Cheong Tong, IT Consultant in Banking Industry
★★★★★ August 30, 2018

The DevOps Academy has been instrumental in publishing a very easy to understand DevOps book. As an IT professional who works in the BPO industry, the convenience of studying in the comfort of my home without the rush of a deadline is really rewarding. I have read their fantastic study material in my own time and have decided to go with the Certified DevOps Product Owner qualification because I believe this will assist me to understand how to deal with my Clients and add value in the businesses with which I work. I really see the value because my Clients are happy. Thanks to Yeliz and her Team at DevOps Academy for their dedication and hard work.

Jean Michel Cateaux, Assistant Director, Aegis BPO
★★★★★ August 27, 2018

In the past few months of obtaining my DevOps certification I have learnt that access to education should not be monopolised but rather, open to people who will make meaningful use of what they have learnt and at the end allow them to prove their worth in their various domain of practice - this is the basic principle underpinning a certification from DevOps Academy. I never regret being a student of knowledge even if what I learnt will only benefit me for one hour. In fact I have already seen a huge benefit of what I learnt from them both personally and financially in my job. Thanks to DevOps Academy for giving me insight and broader view on how the most valuable assets (Human Resources) of an organisation can be managed.

Ahmed Abdulsalam, Nutrition Professional, Medecins Sans Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders
★★★★★ August 23, 2018

Choosing DevOps Academy was one of the best choices I have ever made. It was really a good experience and a pleasure to collaborate with your DevOps Academy and I would recommend it to every person who wants to increase his expertise and knowledge.

Wissam Ch., Auditor, Abi Zeid
★★★★★ August 18, 2018

Success has always been a main goal in my life. In order to fulfil this goal I knew it was essential for me to enter the field that I am passionate for, and to obtain a job that I love doing. The DevOps Certification program offered at the International DevOps Certification Academy has given me the opportunity to reach this significant goal. As the owner of a Certified DevOps Project Manager Certification I have acquired various desirable work skills that are essential to have in today's competitive job market. And I have now the ability to present myself with this wonderful DevOps Project Management degree. Thank you very much International DevOps Certification Academy for these outstanding services.

Gerson Thomas Willie Damaseb, Credit Operations Manager, Ellerines Services
★★★★★ August 09, 2018

I am working as a Senior Project Manager and was looking for something additional in order to get a plus for my career. DevOps Academy is the online school I chose and I would recommend to everyone. I really appreciate the efforts they put to make their DevOps certifications happen so well. I could not believe the level of the quality of their services! They exceeded all of expectations. I learned much more than I expected. I am proud to own such a certification from such a brilliant education academy. Many thanks to all the team for the extraordinary work they are doing!

M. Assoumani, Senior Project Manager, Feeleurope / SII
★★★★★ July 30, 2018

I extend to you my sincere thanks, appreciation and recognition. I both enjoyed and took the benefit of DevOps Certifications from International DevOps Certification Academy. These certifications helped and impacted me grow with theoretical, practical and actionable skills in IT management and business execution sciences. Your programs enabled me to get various job offers from both private and governmental sectors. Thanks a lot for everything and I wish that a lot of people will be able to find your programs and took the benefits of them for their own careers.

Ibrahim Elsholkami, Accounts Manager, Ali Assa'edi Group
★★★★★ July 25, 2018

I had been looking around to obtain a DevOps certification in order to improve my knowledge base and resume. International DevOps Certification Academy was just the perfect place for me, and i have been evangelizing DevOps Academy ever since.

Ololade Otayemi, CEO, Orbra ITC
★★★★★ July 21, 2018

I'm delighted to have the DevOps certification from International DevOps Certification Academy, which helped me a lot to understand the strategy in execution of DevOps. Thanks to this DevOps certification I can already contribute a lot in my company's achievements!

Rashed Ul Alam, General Manager, E.CO
★★★★★ July 18, 2018

International DevOps Certification Academy offers wonderful, efficient and result-driven DevOps certifications which give actionable insights in DevOps domain and helping professionals put their feet on a clear path towards better professionalism.

Ahmed Refaie, DevOps Delivery Instructor, EG Finance
★★★★★ June 28, 2018

Thank you for everything! Since I graduated from the Certified DevOps Trainer Degree I was able to understand even more concepts and gained practical skills in DevOps. I am very pleased with your outstanding DevOps courses and all the excellent documentation provided. Congratulations and thanks again. Great Work!

Patrice Leleu, Chief Trainer, La Banque Postale
★★★★★ June 24, 2018

The best thing about your DevOps certifications is having the freedom to think of real life challenges instead of dry theory. Thank you very much for helping me prove myself and my professional experience in DevOps concepts.

Francisco Llanos-vazquez, Lead Security Screener, Delta Global Service
★★★★★ May 13, 2018

DevOps Certifications from your academy have helped me a lot and with those degrees I recently got a job in one of the Top Fortune companies. I've also suggested your academy to some of my colleagues and friends, and they have already registered some of your excellent DevOps Certifications.

Bharath Anche, SFDC QA Manager, Delta Technology and Management Services Pvt. Ltd.
★★★★★ April 14, 2018

DevOps Academy helped me a lot learn and digest more about DevOps topics. I quickly got accustomed to various DevOps jargon. I am now able to implement best practices and concepts at my work place. Without being part of DevOps Academy family, I could never able to achieve these in such a short time period.

Ravaleedhar Murthy, Technical Lead, HCL Americas
★★★★★ April 01, 2018

My Certified DevOps Coach Certification was extremely important for my promotion to a new and improved job title in GlobalTI. Due to this DevOps certification from DevOps Academy I was able to get a new role in the organization. With all learnings of DevOps I got more efficient at coaching and at understanding of DevOps training strategies that can take companies to the next level. Thanks to the DevOps Academy I'm more proficient to get the job done.

Felipe Aguillera E Shinyashiki, Lean Specialist, GlobalTI - Tecnologia em Negócios
★★★★★ March 28, 2018

DevOps Academy assists me in achieving my goals in Certified DevOps Architect degree and helps me for my further career. I have completed other Management and Scrum Certifications from its sister educational programs. I am very pleased with the overall experience and with the knowhow and opportunities I was able to find together with these certifications and degrees.

Kasipathi Kasipathi, IT Architect, Pace Computer Solutions
★★★★★ March 16, 2018

I have obtained DevOps Executive certification from your academy. I would love to say that you gave me insights into the DevOps techniques and processes like I've never had before. You have the best program out there! Thanks to your continuous and outstanding support I am currently working on my dream job as a senior manager in IT consultancy and software delivery domains.

Gregory Gibson, Senior Manager, Accenture
★★★★★ March 09, 2018

As a project manager in automotive sector, one of biggest OEMs in the world, we used to do project management as usual. But for a very recent project, I was required to manage a DevOps software delivery team which I suddenly figured it out that I require a number of different skills that I had not possessed yet. I have come up with International DevOps Certification Academy while searching for a decent provider to get trained and accredited in DevOps methodology. I soon discovered that your learning materiel are very comfortable to read and digest. I quickly understood your advises and recommended DevOps practices and I have also adapted them through our DevOps software delivery project! I very much enjoyed my DevOps Certification degree as a whole experience and I recommend it to anyone who is dealing with DevOps project management and leadership.

Birkan Atlamaz, R&D Project Manager, Isuzu
★★★★★ February 19, 2018

My experience with International DevOps Certification Academy has been very positive. The cost and availability to work at my own pace on the learning modules has made it very doable for me. DevOps Academy has provided a very good option for someone like myself that has been working in a field for more than 17 years. The idea of having to take high cost courses in order to prove my knowledge of the field and then pay thousands of dollars for certifications was not an option for me. I support my Leadership team in various roles and courses for all of those areas would run into the ten thousands for me. DevOps Academy’s training material and tests hit all of the major tools and knowledge that you need to be successful. Thank you for providing this chance for me!

Cheryl Farfalla, Senior Project Management, State of Nebraska
★★★★★ February 11, 2018

Your DevOps certification helped me for carer development, for future job competition and to join international organizations.

Jira Abdissa Feyissa, Senior Bank Officer, UBS
★★★★★ February 08, 2018

I've just finished my DevOps Certification from DevOps Academy and it was so great. I enjoyed studying the training content, it was helpful and interesting. It showed me a new and better vision for DevOps which were big challenges for me to learn before I found out DevOps Academy. My DevOps Project Management certification helped me to learn knowledge and skills which I was missing. Thank you Yeliz and her team for their outstanding support. You were always there near me when I needed you. Keep on good work!

Saladin Omeish, Maintenance Manager in-charge of Schlumberger Drilling & Measurements, United States
★★★★★ February 01, 2018

When I looked at the contents of the material for the Certified DevOps Developer Certification, I couldn't resist the opportunity to earn a wonderful certification from the International DevOps Certification Academy. The case studies in the DevOps Revealed book were an eye opener and the delivery of each topic in the book was fantastic!

Damilare Damilare, Business Analyst, Settle Global International UK
★★★★★ January 30, 2018

I have recently passed my DevOps exam in DevOps Executive certification with the International DevOps Certification Academy. It was an excellent experience for me. I am very happy. It looks like a dream! The new skills I developed by reading the DevOps material and DevOps Executive certification I obtained are already helping me get better recognition and enhanced roles in my career as an NGO Manager. I would like to express all my gratefulness to the International DevOps Certification Academy and to you Yeliz and the team for your continuous professional support during the entire process.

Komi Akpa, Executive Director, NGO PASYD
★★★★★ January 24, 2018

I found the process leading up to my DevOps certification very well designed and student-friendly. I can't think any better alternative than how International DevOps Certification Academy helps its students. I am already taking the benefits and opportunities my DevOps Release Manager grants to me. Very well done and keep up the great work!

Daniel Maxwell, Jr., President / Lead Trainer, Optimal Impact Trainings
★★★★★ January 17, 2018

My experience with International DevOps Certification Academy was excellent. I made my DevOps Quality Assurance degree with them, and I have learned the most advanced and useful DevOps techniques with enormous practical applications in my daily job. I recommend International DevOps Certification Academy without any reservations.

Foad Foad, Director of Quality Assurance, Performance and Business Improvement Director, Amor Health Services, Inc. USA
★★★★★ January 02, 2018

Managing a team of technical liaisons for a Fortune 500 company requires knowhow in DevOps. This is not only to prove you know what you are talking about to your employer, but also to give your business process clout. I have been in Technical Delivery for many years, but needed my DevOps Certification to take my career to the next level. After searching for a way to get my DevOps Certification that worked with my hectic schedule and without breaking the bank, International DevOps Certification Academy helped me realize my goal. Many thanks for this unique service and your superior team!

Joshua Daggs, Global Delivery Engineer, ThreatTrack Security
★★★★★ December 10, 2017

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to make education accessible around the whole world! I would have no hesitation to recommend the program to other Individuals, or Companies.

Paul Lanthier, Branch Manager, Sterling Crane Canada
★★★★★ December 07, 2017

With all possible questions or support requests International DevOps Certification Academy provided quick, helpful, friendly and competent answers, which really helped! You have an outstanding team over there. Congratulations.

Thomas Vor Der Sielhorst, Head of Strategic Planning & Projects, FRESSNAPF SE
★★★★★ December 05, 2017

The Certified DevOps Product Owner Program is very comprehensive and useful in understanding the world of DevOps Product Management and how it integrates and interacts with other functions in an IT enterprise. It was a wonderful experience with you guys and you helped me enrich my DevOps knowledge. Thanks a ton!

Praveen Rajendran, Senior Consultant, Datacore Systems Inc. USA
★★★★★ December 01, 2017

DevOps Academy has prepared me for my new career and helped me focus on more comprehensive responsibilities.

John Hudson Garrett Jr, Global Chief Architect, Pentax Medical-Hoya Corporation
★★★★★ November 30, 2017

Great training, easy to understand, the best of education provider I have seen so far!

Theresa Burness, Vice President Learning, Development & Quality, Aspire Lifestyles Americas
★★★★★ November 28, 2017

DevOps Certification from International DevOps Certification Academy are very useful and instrumental to connect, summarize and digest various methodologies, best practices and theories associated with DevOps. Thank you very much to the academy and to the great team for these excellent certification programs.

Vygintas Duda, Director, Small Partnership Otricija
★★★★★ November 27, 2017

I have spent much of my career as a Supervisor, Manager and Leader. While many of my credentials are focused on Management, Lean, and Scrum, along with IT; not many of them have focused on DevOps. I wanted to add DevOps skills to my tool-set, so that I can ensure that I’m not just doing what seems logical, but is based on research. The DevOps certifications materials and exam provided me the opportunity to learn DevOps on a budget that I could afford.

Greg Beyerlein, Alliance Manager, CGI Federal
★★★★★ November 24, 2017

After getting my DevOps certification in Product Ownership from DevOps Academy, my career received a very important boost inside and outside my company. Now I receive more important job offers for better positions and my DevOps certification makes me eligible inside my company to participate in strategically more significant projects.

Pedro Moya, Senior IT Services Manager, Henkel Mexicana
★★★★★ November 19, 2017

The DevOps Academy is the only successful, legitimate, and professional academy I have ever come across in my life. No full time college and universities I have studied, comes close to what I have accomplished here. The time and money saved is phenomenal plus the unbelievable offers which encourages you to study further. The five star superb quality education and service at your fingertips. DevOps Academy and its sister institutions programs are simplified, affordable, easily accessible and provides a certification in no time once you finish your test. Including free e-book “DevOps Revealed” and all learning materials. Incredible!

Rubina Ajanee, Assistant Director, EY Assurance